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Dog Grooming for the Beach

Florida dogs are always going to be dealing with some hot weather except for those couple of months out of the year when it is more on the cool side. The rest of the year, Palm Harbor builds up some nice warmth and, in the heart of summer, can be blazing. What does all of this have to do with dog grooming?

Dogs can’t sweat and they need their coats trimmed down to keep them cool. For short-haired breeds, this is of no concern. Those dogs basically stay groomed. On the other hand, dogs like Yorkies and Schnauzers keep growing hair to the point of looking like walking mops. They are the ones who need beach caliber grooming.

This is the time to look for a service offering dog grooming Palm Harbor FL and to do it soon. It should be easy to find a good dog grooming service based on friend recommendations alone. The service should be well-established in the area and should offer comprehensive services. This means services of various kinds from pet psychology to behavioral counseling and total health care. You will also notice the most advanced services offer care for a wide range of species.

Part of total dog health is bathing and grooming. Unlike cats, dogs do not keep themselves clean well. They need the care of their owners or those helping them to actually give them baths. Grooming them and keeping their hair trimmed and looking good helps them to maintain health.

For example, if dogs are kept dirty and with overgrown hair, they are more prone to infections or infestations of tiny pests in the skin or the ears. You won’t ever let your dogs get to that point and you surely will grant them that hot weather grooming they deserve.