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Caring for a Dog With Arthritis

As a pet owner, there is no limits you’d go to keep your dog protected, in good health, and at his best. When your dog becomes affected with a painful condition like arthritis, it is all put to the test as your pet demands added attention and care to make it through the day. If your pet has been diagnosed with arthritis, use these care tips to ensure that your dog thrives.

·    Take your dog to the veterinary clinic Palm Harbor FL for checkups on a regular basis. The vet can keep a close eye on the dog’s well-being when these visits are maintained.

·    Reduce the dog’s weight to reduce the pressure on his joints. Many weight control dog foods are available that aid in this process. Reducing the intake is also ideal.

·    Keep your dog warm and dry at all times, since arthritis flare ups can be triggered by such conditions. Some people use dog sweaters to enhance their pet’s comfort.

·    Braces can help alleviate some of the pressure on the joints. They’re available for pets of all sizes and ages, and for all body parts.

·    Exercise is important to your dog’s overall health and well-being. But, for the arthritic dog, exercise helps keep the joints freely moving.

·    Use a padded bed to provide your dog extra comfort

·    Massage therapy for dogs is a service that benefits the four-legged friends tremendously. It improves the pets overall well-being, blood flow and circulation, and the flexibility of the pet.

·    Pain medications may help alleviate some of the pain of arthritis.

·    Provide a low-stress environment for your pet and offer all of the support that you possibly can.

These are a few of the simple ways to help comfort your pet who is affected by arthritis. Make sure that you give your pet the best and put these tips to use in your home.