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Essential Things All Dog Owners Should Be Doing (And Not Doing)

All dog owners (hopefully) love their dogs, but sometimes ignorance can be detrimental to your furry friend’s well-being. There are certain things you should always keep in mind when you’re getting a dog or if you already have a dog. The first thing is concerning food. You should never be feeding your dogs human food, unless it’s something you checked first to make sure it’s safe. Things like avocado, for example, are deadly to animals. Plain meats are fine, but it’s also good to check all the ingredients online for safety first before feeding your dogs your leftovers.

While you’d be a pretty cool owner if you had hand painted ceramic dog bowls, these aren’t nearly as important as the food you put into it. Make sure the dog food you use is vet approved and free of harmful substances. Another important part of a dog’s life is exercise. All dogs, no matter how small and lazy, need regular exercise. Depending on the breed, you’ll need to exercise them often and well. At a minimum you should be taking your dog out once a week for at least an hour to get exercise. It’s also preferable to have a yard that your dog can run around in to get daily exercise in.

Emotional well-being should never be neglected. Do not yell at your dogs or use unproductive measures of discipline, this will only give them anxiety and make them anxious. Dogs need to feel loved and like they’re accepted into the ‘pack’ so be sure to give them enough rubs and cuddles to keep them happy. If you’re a dog owner and you love your dogs, you should make sure that they know it.